Broken Tool Monitoring Systems
Detect broken drills, taps and other tools as well as check for proper part transfers and seating in your CNC machine Tool.
Broken Tool Monitoring & Detection

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Typical Machine Part Present Detection Applications

Subspindle Transfer Detect
Part Seated Detection
Robotic Sensing Applications
Positive Contact Sensors
Broken Tool detection

Broken Tool Detection systems from the CNC Specialty Store.


Detect broken tools, check for part removal and more with a tool breakage detection system (Positive contact sensor).

Tool breakage detection and monitoring systems can save companies huge costs in many areas including scrap parts, downtime, setup time, part inspection as well as repair and maintenance costs from crashes which could have been avoided with a positive contact sensor.

Check out how to setup a broken tool detection system on your CNC machinery and equipment.

CNC machine Applications

  • Broken Tool Monitoring
  • Part transfered properly to sub spindle
  • Chip build up on tool
  • Part location
  • Broken Tap and Drill detection
  • Broken tool detector
  • Contact type tool monitor sensor
  • CNC tool monitoring
  • Tool magazine monitor
  • Tool Changer monitor
  • Whisker type tool detector

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